what a scientist looks like.

“Why is everyone wearing glasses?”

I’m standing with my six-year-old daughter outside of the entrance to the Science Night hosted by her elementary school.  Families of children at the school were invited to delve into the world of discovery at an array of demo and workstations and of course to eat greasy pizza and have sugary drinks.  (I swear, my kids learned all their bad eating habits at school…).  Students were told in advance that there would be some sort of door prize if they showed up looking like a scientist.

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I am officially homeless these days.  Not that I don’t have a place to sleep, but insofar as I no longer have a permanent place to live. For a year I am vagabonding with my family, so we’ve become short-term renters in various locations.  I measure my expenses in the daily rate I pay for a place to be.  Currently that place is Punta Cana on the east coast of the Dominican Republic.

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Gain a new perspective on earth science with a look at volcanoes through the eyes of Werner Herzog.  In typical style, his foray into this topic goes beyond plate tectonics and molten rock; it’s somehow more of a film about the human condition than anything else.  From tribal rituals to North Korean propaganda, this tour exposes how our dynamic planet shapes our lives.  Here’s the trailer.  It’s worth a view: