Sushi and the State of the World’s Fisheries

Sushi.  Who would have guessed that this once rare and poignant art of food preparation would spread like some kind of Starbucks plague and raw fish venues would inhabit strip malls all across America?

I recall when I was younger that the mention of sushi would make most of the people in a room turn up their noses.  ‘Eww, you eat raw fish???

Now, it’s so hip that I can’t even indulge myself without feeling a pang of guilt.

It’s long been known among those who are aware of the perilous state of the global fisheries that this trend would ultimately be devastating to the world’s oceans.  The notion hasn’t gotten a lot of press though.  Until now.  I finally took some time to watch the feature-length documentary Sushi, the Global Catch.  In it, there is a very direct connection drawn between the global appetite for raw fish and the precipitous decline in fisheries around the world.  It is well worth watching and sharing.


2 thoughts on “Sushi and the State of the World’s Fisheries

  1. Very interesting. There is also the fact that more countries are finding sufficient wealth for their people to start consuming more fish, with demand from markets such as China and Africa adding more pressure on our already struggling oceans. Further, ships get more efficient and yet more mighty – implacable pursuers of struggling fish populations that can stay at sea for years and freeze or can the fish before it ever hits land. Overall, a very concerning situation – not helped by our love for sushi. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are absolutely right. Changing economic situations and subsequent changes in diets have a tremendous impact on all aspects of global food production. And of course the technology used to harvest marine resources is staggering. Thanks for your comment!

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