A film you should not wait to watch…

Before the Flood – it’s free on YouTube… (or was, rather…still, find a way to watch it…)



A place you should check out…

It’s in one of the most unlikely places.  Star Wars-esque earthen domes on a patch of barren land surrounded by suburbia in the high desert.  Check out Cal Earth for a look at alternative architecture.  They do open houses once a month, and intensive workshops if you feel like getting dirty.  http://www.calearth.org/


a reluctant recommendation…

Check this film for a good look at the role of animal agriculture on the environment.  Content-wise, it has a decent story to tell.  I hated the belligerent attitude of the narrator, though – and the poor form to put unedited clips of interviewees in a feature documentary.  Cowspiracy.  

“I know that I’m repeating myself.  I’m repeating myself on purpose.  This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened.”

~Bill McKibben on climate change in his book, Eaarth (2010)

Check 350.org for information.