national parks.

National Parks and other conservation entities are tremendously active in the summer months and generally do much of their hiring, well, right about now.  Ordinarily that would be a gold mine for those looking to enter the field.  However, the recent hiring freeze has left a lot of questions about how that would play out.  Read about it here.

In the midst of the media blackout imposed on the park service and several other science-based government entities, new means of rogue communication have arisen.  You can read about it here, or look for Alt National Park Service on Twitter or Facebook for information relevant to science and conservation.

With these issues in mind, it might be a good time to revisit why Wallace Stegner once said that “National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.”  Check the National Parks Adventure trailer below, and visit the Fleet Science Center in San Diego to see it on the big screen.



Greenpeace might be the original renegade environmental group, known for its vehement defense of the natural world.  Today they took a stance on the renewed interest in pipeline construction in the US.  You can read about it here.

I recently posted the trailer for a very cool film about the founding and early activism of the group.  It’s called How to Change the World.  Check the trailer below and stream it on Netflix.

environmental news.

I am often asked where to look for news and stories relating to the environment.  One of these days I will put together a complete list, but in the meantime a solid recommendation is Grist, an online magazine.  Check them out here.  The site is certainly not without bias and a clear agenda, so be sure to cross reference with other news sources, but it is a really good place to find out what is happening in environmental news.

And of course, environmental news is often mainstream news these days, so don’t neglect your favorite newspaper.  I like the LA Times.


The San Diego Botanic Garden has a very cool bamboo garden.  This is  a place worth visiting.  The entrance is a bit steep at $14, but ask about a student discount.


Not long ago, a student of mine took an active interest in bamboo as a building material and is now studying alternative architecture.  He pointed me in the direction of this TED talk, which is fascinating.  I love the fluid lines of the buildings.  For more inspiration, check out the GreenSchool of Bali.