Summer.  It’s time to travel, meet fascinating people, breathe in the diversity of culture and experience this world has to offer.  But, the problem in my college days was that there was no possible way to afford it.  If that’s your situation as well, take a look at Workaway, and enjoy the video introduction below.


trail of 100 giants.

Our National Monuments are in need of love right now (read this if you don’t know why).  And with summer coming along, the mountains are awaiting your roadtripping escapades.  My recommendation for this summer is to visit Giant Sequoia National Monument and the Trail of 100 Giants.  It’s one of the most impressive sequoia groves you’ll ever see.  And what’s truly wonderful is that you can stay right on the edge of it in a yurt at Redwood Meadow campground.  Reserve in advance.  Thank me later.