bad news.

“Education, I fear, is learning to see one thing by going blind to another.”

~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac


It’s hard to be an optimist when you work with environmental issues.  That’s the story line that I hear anyway.  It became the basis of such a common question in my environmental science courses – ‘how can you teach this course and not be completely depressed?’ students would ask – that I began to interject empowerment clauses throughout the semester to stop students from becoming despondent.  My final lecture is now a discourse on optimism and possibility and is probably the antithesis of anything you might expect by way of concluding a semester spent groveling in the wastewater of civilization.

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environmental news.

I am often asked where to look for news and stories relating to the environment.  One of these days I will put together a complete list, but in the meantime a solid recommendation is Grist, an online magazine.  Check them out here.  The site is certainly not without bias and a clear agenda, so be sure to cross reference with other news sources, but it is a really good place to find out what is happening in environmental news.

And of course, environmental news is often mainstream news these days, so don’t neglect your favorite newspaper.  I like the LA Times.